“Ethos is the disposition, character or fundamental values particular to a specific person, people, culture or movement.”

Ethos of St. David’s National School

St. David’s National School is a five teacher Church of Ireland School under the patronage of the Bishop of Meath and Kildare. As such it is a Christian school in which the traditions and beliefs of the Anglican tradition inform its policies and practices. It provides a child-centred education as laid down in the Primary Curriculum of the Department of Education and Skills and it is fully recognised by that department.

Small numbers, close pupil-staff relationships, parental involvement and careful blending of structure with age appropriate personal freedom are designed to encourage pupils to assume as they grow older, increasing responsibility for their own growth and development. The core values of love of God and  of neighbour are lived out in a spirit of honesty, fairness and respect for and appreciation of diversity.

Aims and Objectives

  1. The School’s primary aim is to service the Church of Ireland’s community within the parish and other mainstream Protestant or Reformed traditions of Christianity, while those of other faiths are welcomed.
  2. St. David’s National School is a community where all pupils are equally valued and respected-irrespective of sex, social background, family circumstances, educational achievement, physical characteristics, intellectual functioning, belief or non-belief. Pupils enjoy the advantages of the consistency provided by a small school and the advantages of personal support by being a member of an identifiable school and parish community. Pupils experience a sense of caring and belonging. They are treated fairly and their spiritual, moral and religious development is encouraged, as is their intellectual, social and academic development. The work of the school is conducted in an atmosphere of tolerance and respect for religious differences.
  3. The School is part of the local community and has strong links with the Parish. This, for example is shown by the fact that the pupils attend services in the local church and the Rector visits the school on a regular basis. Pupils from the school regularly attend the Annual Diocesan services and are encouraged to attend various Diocesan youth and children’s events.
  4. St. David’s National School is a community where moral values such as honesty, truthfulness, justice, fairness, sensitivity to others and civic responsibility are nurtured and protected. The justifications of these qualities are based on Biblical teaching. The Patron, Board of Management, Staff, Pupils and Parents all have a role in preserving the ethos of the school and its connection with the local parish and Diocese.
  5. St. David’s national School promotes a safe environment nurturing all levels of ability and talent.
  6. St. David’s National School maintains the highest standards with regard to current regulations regarding child protection.