Green Schools Meeting

Yesterday, the new Green Schools Committee had their first meeting. The committee members for 2012-2013 are as follows:

First Class: Tom                                        Second Class: Lauren

Third Class: Evan L.                                 Fourth Class: David

Fifth Class: Grace M. and Geoff             Sixth Class: Harry and Mercy

Co-ordinator: Ms. Whelan

The meeting was filled with lots of interesting suggestions about ways to save energy in our school.  The committee decided to prepare a presentation  for their classes. This presentation will outline the aims of the committee for the year ahead and highlight the valuable role our whole school community plays in reaching our goal of receiving another Green Schools Flag.

Each classroom was given an ‘Energy Monitors’ poster. Each class is to appoint two pupils at the beginning of the week, who will be in charge of reminding pupils and staff to save energy e.g. turning off lights at break times, switching off Smart Boards, closing doors and windows etc.

Committee members will be monitoring the temperatures in the classrooms and  will be providing possible reasons for high/low days.

David and Evan were appointed as ‘Meter Readers’. Their job is to keep a daily record of the electricity meter reading. During meetings we will be studying these records and identifying reasons for higher electricity usage on particular dates.

Finally, at the meeting we discussed having a Green Schools competition promoting Energy Saving.

Last year Junior Infants – Second Class participated in an Energy competition  so this year we are asking Third – Sixth Class to get creative and make a comic strip with an Energy Saving message.

Winners will have their comic strip digitally created. All entries must be  submitted by Friday, 26th October.  Winners will be announced after Mid-term break.

Green Schools Competition




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